Rawai, Phuket Thailand

BOOST︱Cafe Restaurant

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Our Delicious Story

BOOST Cafe l Phuket was created in November 2019. It hasn’t been a year but we already have thousands of satisfied customers.

Our concept is a Cafe l Restaurant where people can work, make new connections and just enjoy their healthy meal. We started with just few dishes and now we have a great and thought through menu with food for any taste.

The main idea of our cafe is to cook highly nutricious healthy meals for you , provide you with kind waitresses&good service and have a pleasant atmosphere around you.

Healthy & Nutricious

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Open every day , 7AM – 11PM

They All Love Our Food

To find a place in Phuket like this is really really rare...The atmosphere is super chill, the food is top notch and definitely "next level". You're going to be served by fantastic service and staff. I would recommend this to everybody who'd want to spend a great time, and get the best quality for a really reasonable price.
From Tripadvisor
The cutest cafe in Phuket - they have so many options & a super chilled atmosphere! The food is fresh and the coffee is great. They just changed up the menu and added some fantastic new dishes. Definitely stop by if you are in Phuket!

From Tripadvisor
I am so happy that quality places like BOOST are opening in Naiharn. The crew do a great job in service, ambiance, and quality. Come and enjoy a high quality food and beverage destination in the emerging health destination in Thailand. Naiharn needs places like this, so big time thanks to the Frenchmen who brought it to us.
Stanton P
From Tripadvisor
Always the best experience with us here..